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NIGHTLOCK for Single and Double Entry Doors _________________________________________________________________________________

Nightlock To unlock remove rail Doors with Nightlock

The NIGHTLOCK is a patented home security tool that makes it virtually
impossible for burglars to break into your home through an entry door.

Unlike deadbolt and chain locks, which are attached to flimsy doorframes or
wood trim, the NIGHTLOCK is anchored securely to the floor. By using the
strength of the floor to secure the door, the NIGHTLOCK can withstand
tremendous force
, providing maximum home security.

The NIGHTLOCK is not only sturdy, but it’s also attractive and unobtrusive.
You can choose from bright brass, brushed nickel, dark bronze finishes.
The floor plate is less than a half-inch high, so it sits lower than the threshold
of most doors.

And the NIGHTLOCK is easy to install and use. Initial installation of the
floor plate takes just a few minutes, and securing the NIGHTLOCK when
you go to bed at night is simple, just slide in the handle (see photo).

When compared with burglar alarms and other high-tech home security
systems, the NIGHTLOCK is extremely affordable. Each NIGHTLOCK
costs just $34.95, so if your home has a front and back door, you can
achieve the ultimate in home security for about $70.
This may be less
than the cost of three months of burglar alarm monitoring!

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